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Song-Xia Guan Tao 松下觀濤

Fingering according to the Yan Lu Lou Qinpu 研露楼指法

Guqin links

There are many web-sites of varying quality dealing with the guqin and its music. Those below are the ones I find most interesting or useful. Personal sites are listed in alphabetical order by surname, society sites in alphabetical order by location.

Sites in English

Personal Sites

Jim Binkley has two sites, including his translation of the sections of Yuguzhai Qinpu on qin construction


Judy CHANG Peiyou has a site at:

Stephen DYDO has information about both his qin playing and making

Charlie HUANG contributed a suite of articles to Wikipedia. In the original suite Mr Huang occasionally allowed his love of the qin and his enthusiasm for making it more widely known to run ahead of his information but his work was still valuable as a general introduction to the guqin. Recently, however, Mr Huang has turned his attention elsewhere, and changes made others have reduced the value of his original work. The head article is at:

Julian JOSEPH has information about, inter alia, his work on the Shiyi Xian Guan Qinpu at:

LIU Li, a member of New York's Melody of Dragon ensemble, has a site at:

T. M. McCOMB has information too at:

By far the biggest guqin site in English, and perhaps the biggest in any language, belongs to John THOMPSON, whose efforts to recover, analyse and play previously forgotten tunes have been equalled, if at all, only by very few people in the People's Republic of China.

WANG Fei has a site at:

Guqin Society Sites

The North American Guqin Association (NAGA) based in Hayward, California, has is site at

The London Youlan Qin Society can be found at:

and that of the New York Qin Society is at

Other Sites

Other sites include: (the guqin as one of the four arts of a Chinese scholar)

There are or have been a number of discussion forums for the qin. They include one at the NAGA site:

and another run by Charlie HUANG at:

Sites in Chinese

Mainland China

First there is CHENG Gongliang's site, formerly at:

Then Chinese Guqin, a site set up by PEI Jinbao, a student of WU Zhaoji:

(NB. In order to read the home page of this site you will need to set the encoding of your browser to Chinese GB18030.)

Hong Kong

Dr TSE Chun-Yan has a site at:


Sites in Japanese


Youran publishes in Japanese:

There is a site by Eastern Ocean at:

and one by Kokin at:

(The three sites above appear to be down or to have moved.)

There are photographs of qin being made by a Japanese craftsman, and apparently with the traditional antler paste and natural lacquer, at:

Other Chinese Music Sites

For the pipa there are (in seven languages including Chinese and English)

and CHENG Yu's site at: (which includes a section on the guqin)

One of China's best known modern composers is TAN Dun. His publishers have a site for him at:

I have not yet found sites for ZHOU Long, QU Xiaosong or CHEN Yi, but no doubt they exist somewhere.

Chime, the European Foundation for Chinese Music Research, has a site at

The Chinese Arts and Music Association in Seattle has a site at

Mauricio MARTINEZ R., who has studied sheng at the Shanghai Conservatory of music, Indian music in Delhi and traditional Japanese music in Tokyo, has a wide-ranging site in Spanish on Asian performing arts at: covers a wide range of Chinese music.

General China links

The Internet Guide for China Studies, a very comprehensive index of China links, covers every aspect of China and can be found at

There is a link to this site from the Australian National University which gives it a five-star rating (the ANU site is itself classed as essential by the Far Eastern Economic Review).

There are sites with many links at China Links for HyperChina Users

and the European Association of Sinology Librarians

Not Really (or Even) Traditional Chinese Music, But Favourite Sites

Finally here are some sites wome of which involve Chinese musicians working with people from other areas, and producing music I like. They all have downloadable or streamable samples of their work.

GONG Linna and Robert ZOLLITSCH as a duo, at the Wuxing Yuedui and with other groups do magnificent work:

Wu Xing Yuedui 五行乐队

as, in a completely different style, does Hsueh-li ONG at Electric Muse in Singapore

Electric Muse


And then there is the Inner Mongolian singer Urna CHAHAR-TUGCHI


An English folk-rock band, Shinjig, not just because my brother plays in it, also because of their impressive array of MySpace friends, one or two of them several cuta above average in the beauty stakes:


And the Diablo Swing Orchestra:

Diablo Swing Orchestra

And what about Hoven Droven?

Hoven Droven

or Crosscut Saw?

Crosscut Saw

and Katus?


and Ara Hiroko

Ara Hiroko

or Eva Alkula, who also plays kantele but in a very different style:

Eva Alkula

and Emmi Knuutinen, in yet another style

Emmi Knuutinen

Then there's The Last Tram tae Auchenshuggle

The Last Tram tae Auchenshuggle

Then there's the amazing South American music played by an Taiwanese youth orchestra on Chinese instruments:

台北新潮樂集 Taipei Xinchao Yueji

The list is endless.

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